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Leviathan Videos have gained a lot of popularity among the supercar lovers and most of them have been following these videos for some time now. Leviathan Videos is an exclusive channel where you can read blogs, comments and watch videos featuring the top car models of Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugati, Corvette and many more popular supercars that you fantasize about in your dreams.

Here you get an exclusive free access to the these popular Leviathan videos and get a unique chance to experience the thrill of being in the driver seat as Leviathan takes on the new challenges and dares. There is a huge crowd of crazy fans that follow these videos regularly and posts their positive and negative comments. It is also open for new suggestions and challenges that you can throw up and get a response as quickly as in few hours.

Supercar videos not only takes you to the new challenges but also lets you experience the situations that you might only feel while being a owner of these cars. In one of the most popular series of Leviathan videos, he tries to gather the responses and comments of all types: good, bad and typical from the public as he drives the Ferrari in the downtown.

Some of the videos also cover the exclusive interviews and reactions of people as these supercars hit the road. The channel reveals some very interesting facts about these supercars including their maintenance, modifications and even repairing costs that can be surprising. It is all about these supercars.

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Feel the Thrilling World of Supercars with Leviathan Videos

The charm of supercars is just amazing and everyone fancies one chance to feel them in real life. While most of us can only access these supercars in our dreams or virtual platforms of Xbox games on our mobiles, Leviathan videos or Ferrari Videos take you as close as you can get to living with these modern day beasts without owning them.

Yes, everyone would want to own a Ferrari or show positive Ferrari Reaction, but in real world, it is almost impossible for a normal individual to own one. Leviathan videos is a channel where you can find new posts involving latest Ferrari, Buggati, Aston Martin, Jaguar and many more supercars where this guy will make you feel as if you are driving the car yourself.

Get Thrills of Leviathan Cars from Supercar Videos

Leviathan invites you to sit on the driver seat of these super cars and feel the thrill of speed and acceleration while you watch your speedometer fly towards the top speed in just a second or two. The series of these Supercar videos started just a few years ago in 2012 and has created a lot of buzz already with thousands of followers and millions of likes and views. Leviathan videos take you to the limits with new adventures and challenges in every new post.

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The Ferrari 328 GTB supercar reaction

The car was a successor to the 308 GTB and GTS of Ferrari, and the mechanics were based on the 308 GTB and GTS with some upgrades to the body and engine. The engine was improved to 3.2 L and an improved torque. That time, 7,400 Ferraris’ were produced for the 328 model which was later replaced by the new 348 which was considered more reliable Ferraris. This GTB model was referred to the Gran Turismo Berlinetta, this was retailed in the range of $58,400-$62,500 in the United States. The 328 GTS model was also introduced with more developments including the V8 engine. The 328 model was referred having a 3.2 litres, and 8 cylinders. For having a detailed look you can visit Supercar Videos and express your Ferrari reaction.

The 328 GTS was introduced for the Europe having a tubular chassis, Disc brakes, coil springs, and shock absorbers and also front and rear anti-roll bars. Several models launched having a different side of drive available as either right or left-hand drive. This 328 GTS continued the production until it was replaced by the 348 ts model.



The engine was a 3.2-litre V8, with 4-valve-per-cylinder layout. The car introduced a 270 horsepower and 313 Nm of torque. It has the maximum speed of 166 mph and capacity of covering 60 mph in 5.5 seconds.


Ferrari launched turbocharged variant of the 328 and the series was known as GTB Turbo and GTS Turbo, it was a replacement of the non-intercooler, Ferrari 208 GTB/GTS Turbo. This series was specifically for the Italian market for the tax purposes. The turbocharged included a V8 engine,an intercooler feature with the turbocharger.  Other than the engine, the two-litre Turbo and the regular 328  were introduced with having almost same specs, so have a view on the car and share your supercar reaction.

What happens when you leave your Ferrari parked? Spitters to Selfi-tters

Owning a super car can be one of the best things that can happen to anyone. The feeling of luxury and class that a super car exudes, especially when you are driving it on the road, is unparalleled. The funky machine that you are flaunting proudly on the roads is every man’s unfulfilled dream. So what happens when one gets a chance to stand beside a super car and capture the few moments with it forever? Surely, one would never miss such a chance. Or would he? This Leviathan Ferrari video shows you all.

So a Ferrari owner decides to park his car in various spots in Toronto and anonymously records the reactions of the people passing by. Surprisingly, there were a variety of reactions associated with different people; and all of this was captured by the camera, to the embarrassment of a few.

The good Supercar reactions-

Some of the reactions were quiet expected of the people passing by. The highly attractive machine stopped a hot lady out for a jog in her tracks; and she utilized (or rather misutilized) all that time taking selfies (in all positions possible!) with the car. While some others took selfies quite openly, some of them just wanted to be done with their selfies quickly so that no one notices them. Such fake sophistication!! And then we see the teenage kids! With their weird superhero poses and some outright ridiculous ones, they just had all the time in the world to take photographs. However, no one’s complaining; a picture with a Ferrari on Instagram or Facebook will certainly make you the hero for the day. So why not go that extra mile for the best pic with the best car ever!?

The bad (disgusting would be a much better description) Ferrari reactions:

While some were happy that they were lucky enough to get a photo clicked with a Ferrari, some were completely engulfed by jealousy and envy. . The feeling of jealousy was so profound that one of them spit on the car. THE GUY LITERALLY SPIT ON A FERRARI!! Who the hell does that!? Such pricks don’t deserve the class of a super car; the car demands respect before it is driven.

There were other typical reactions as well. Generally, these were the people who were either too busy to notice the car parked, had utmost control over their feelings or were rich enough to own a Ferrari!

So if you want to experience the many facets of humans when they see something as awesome as a Ferrari, this video on Leviathan YouTube seriously won’t disappoint you. Trust me.

So for the next time you see a supercar, happy selfie time! 

Supercar Videos on the Ferrari FXX has been released to get your Ferrari reaction

You can have a look on several released videos for supercar reaction on the Ferrari FXX which is a high-performance car categorized as a racing car built by Ferrari in Maranello, Italy. Its Production began in 2005; it is based on the street-legal Enzo.

Supercar reaction Overview
The FXX technology is somewhat developed from the Enzo Ferrari, and the development is lso a combination of new ideas from Ferrari and its suppliers. However, Customers pay £2 million, only to drive the car on special track days approved by Ferrari.  The other company Maserati which is known as Ferrari’s sister company has also developed a similar car, the MC12 Corsa.  It is supposed that Ferrari closely looked out the FXX due to the various advanced technology and did not want to unintentionally release with the competitor. It is development of the Enzo, the FXX shares some components, but several of them are unique to the FXX.

The engine is based on Enzo’s, but it has been increased to 6,262 cc that was 5,998 cc and so the Output has been boosted from 670 PS to 820 PS at 8,500 rpm. The gearbox fits in from the Ferrari’s F1 program with a shift time less than 100 ms.  The brakes are also upgraded from the Enzo but with the Carbon fibre Silicon composite discs that are same as Enzo.

The FXX has a data-monitoring feature that allows the driver to improve performance and also provides Ferrari technicians with valuable data to look up the FXX better. Also, the FXX owners participate in Ferrari’s testing and brand growth programs. The car is maintained by the Ferrari factory which is part of the program. The program allows Ferrari’s top customers to access its most up-to-date machinery and to make use of their input in the future models.

The Future of Storytelling: Leviathan Video

As the gathering of people utilized Intel Ultrabooks and tablets to all the while control flying jellyfish animals that swam close by the eponymous increased reality behemoth, Leviathan video took off the screen and into the group, yielding a starting yet unparalleled blend of film and gaming background. “Immersive narrating” doesn’t start to portray it.

The undertaking coordinated both the physical and advanced universes by utilizing a mixed media stage that may exceptionally well set a point of reference for future AR and immersive-story inventiveness. The Creators Project was captivated by the coordinated effort between Intel Labs and USC’s World Building program, and in this way made a narrative that points of the venture, interest the organization, and its uncommon results (above).

We talked with Scott Westerfeld, essayist of the first Leviathan video story, Tawny Schlieski of Intel Labs, and Alex McDowell, the chief of the World Building program, about how extends like this are real walks towards a future in which we don’t simply appear or tell stories, we make a plunge directly into them.

What intrigues me about this anticipate is that it’s a type of great rpg/fan fiction. They’re taking the crude materials of the universe of Leviathan and building it into a computerized situation that is both intuitive and valuable for telling broadened stories, frequently with various characters, modified courses of events, and insane new beasties. For me, it fires the same mind cells as when you folks compose fan fic, that feeling that my and Keith’s reality continues reverberating out there some place in other individuals’ brains, where those characters (and new ones) get the chance to have more undertakings.

So on account of the understudies at USC and their backers, and to all you all who compose fan fic and by and large let your mind roam.

Leviathan Videos on ford GT

This time, we made the Supercar Videos on the ford GT, at the North American Auto Show in Detroit; Ford presented the new Ford GT. The car is manufactured using a super-light carbon fiber and aluminum construction; it has the power of a 600-plus horsepower, EcoBoost V-6 engine, and an excellent cockpit. It is the latest and the best, the latest supercar. This is a two-door design car with modern materials.

Visit the Leviathan Videos to have a look on the exterior of the car. The Ford GT is somewhat familiar with its older models. It is a mid-engine car which is designed in a long wedge shape.

The rear of the car looks modern than past models as with crisp cuts near the taillights, it is designed for extra downforce. The greenhouse is less open and also a wide one than previous cars, so it promotes more aerodynamic design. The new model looks much more sleek and fast.

Interior as  in Leviathan YouTube
After the exterior, it’s time for the interior, so get to the Leviathan Videos and have a look with me. The GT’s cockpit is designed very wisely; it is great for control and usability. The seats are integrated into the car’s monocoque shell to provide the driver a better feel while driving. The sets have fixed position, and the steering wheel and pedals are adjustable, so the drivers can adjust themselves according to their sizes and shapes.

The car includes a large LCD display for showing information. Also, there are modes which can be chosen to have several types of displays as the driver preference.

Let’s have a look at the prices-
The starting price for the Ford GT will be of around $400,000, according to Dave Pericak.  Besides, Pericak revealed that the GT will be manufactured in a limited quantity, with Ford there will be to about 250 builds per year.