The Ferrari 328 GTB supercar reaction

The car was a successor to the 308 GTB and GTS of Ferrari, and the mechanics were based on the 308 GTB and GTS with some upgrades to the body and engine. The engine was improved to 3.2 L and an improved torque. That time, 7,400 Ferraris’ were produced for the 328 model which was later replaced by the new 348 which was considered more reliable Ferraris. This GTB model was referred to the Gran Turismo Berlinetta, this was retailed in the range of $58,400-$62,500 in the United States. The 328 GTS model was also introduced with more developments including the V8 engine. The 328 model was referred having a 3.2 litres, and 8 cylinders. For having a detailed look you can visit Supercar Videos and express your Ferrari reaction.

The 328 GTS was introduced for the Europe having a tubular chassis, Disc brakes, coil springs, and shock absorbers and also front and rear anti-roll bars. Several models launched having a different side of drive available as either right or left-hand drive. This 328 GTS continued the production until it was replaced by the 348 ts model.



The engine was a 3.2-litre V8, with 4-valve-per-cylinder layout. The car introduced a 270 horsepower and 313 Nm of torque. It has the maximum speed of 166 mph and capacity of covering 60 mph in 5.5 seconds.


Ferrari launched turbocharged variant of the 328 and the series was known as GTB Turbo and GTS Turbo, it was a replacement of the non-intercooler, Ferrari 208 GTB/GTS Turbo. This series was specifically for the Italian market for the tax purposes. The turbocharged included a V8 engine,an intercooler feature with the turbocharger.  Other than the engine, the two-litre Turbo and the regular 328  were introduced with having almost same specs, so have a view on the car and share your supercar reaction.


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