What happens when you leave your Ferrari parked? Spitters to Selfi-tters

Owning a super car can be one of the best things that can happen to anyone. The feeling of luxury and class that a super car exudes, especially when you are driving it on the road, is unparalleled. The funky machine that you are flaunting proudly on the roads is every man’s unfulfilled dream. So what happens when one gets a chance to stand beside a super car and capture the few moments with it forever? Surely, one would never miss such a chance. Or would he? This Leviathan Ferrari video shows you all.

So a Ferrari owner decides to park his car in various spots in Toronto and anonymously records the reactions of the people passing by. Surprisingly, there were a variety of reactions associated with different people; and all of this was captured by the camera, to the embarrassment of a few.

The good Supercar reactions-

Some of the reactions were quiet expected of the people passing by. The highly attractive machine stopped a hot lady out for a jog in her tracks; and she utilized (or rather misutilized) all that time taking selfies (in all positions possible!) with the car. While some others took selfies quite openly, some of them just wanted to be done with their selfies quickly so that no one notices them. Such fake sophistication!! And then we see the teenage kids! With their weird superhero poses and some outright ridiculous ones, they just had all the time in the world to take photographs. However, no one’s complaining; a picture with a Ferrari on Instagram or Facebook will certainly make you the hero for the day. So why not go that extra mile for the best pic with the best car ever!?

The bad (disgusting would be a much better description) Ferrari reactions:

While some were happy that they were lucky enough to get a photo clicked with a Ferrari, some were completely engulfed by jealousy and envy. . The feeling of jealousy was so profound that one of them spit on the car. THE GUY LITERALLY SPIT ON A FERRARI!! Who the hell does that!? Such pricks don’t deserve the class of a super car; the car demands respect before it is driven.

There were other typical reactions as well. Generally, these were the people who were either too busy to notice the car parked, had utmost control over their feelings or were rich enough to own a Ferrari!

So if you want to experience the many facets of humans when they see something as awesome as a Ferrari, this video on Leviathan YouTube seriously won’t disappoint you. Trust me.

So for the next time you see a supercar, happy selfie time! 


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