Supercar Videos on the Ferrari FXX has been released to get your Ferrari reaction

You can have a look on several released videos for supercar reaction on the Ferrari FXX which is a high-performance car categorized as a racing car built by Ferrari in Maranello, Italy. Its Production began in 2005; it is based on the street-legal Enzo.

Supercar reaction Overview
The FXX technology is somewhat developed from the Enzo Ferrari, and the development is lso a combination of new ideas from Ferrari and its suppliers. However, Customers pay £2 million, only to drive the car on special track days approved by Ferrari.  The other company Maserati which is known as Ferrari’s sister company has also developed a similar car, the MC12 Corsa.  It is supposed that Ferrari closely looked out the FXX due to the various advanced technology and did not want to unintentionally release with the competitor. It is development of the Enzo, the FXX shares some components, but several of them are unique to the FXX.

The engine is based on Enzo’s, but it has been increased to 6,262 cc that was 5,998 cc and so the Output has been boosted from 670 PS to 820 PS at 8,500 rpm. The gearbox fits in from the Ferrari’s F1 program with a shift time less than 100 ms.  The brakes are also upgraded from the Enzo but with the Carbon fibre Silicon composite discs that are same as Enzo.

The FXX has a data-monitoring feature that allows the driver to improve performance and also provides Ferrari technicians with valuable data to look up the FXX better. Also, the FXX owners participate in Ferrari’s testing and brand growth programs. The car is maintained by the Ferrari factory which is part of the program. The program allows Ferrari’s top customers to access its most up-to-date machinery and to make use of their input in the future models.


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