The Future of Storytelling: Leviathan Video

As the gathering of people utilized Intel Ultrabooks and tablets to all the while control flying jellyfish animals that swam close by the eponymous increased reality behemoth, Leviathan video took off the screen and into the group, yielding a starting yet unparalleled blend of film and gaming background. “Immersive narrating” doesn’t start to portray it.

The undertaking coordinated both the physical and advanced universes by utilizing a mixed media stage that may exceptionally well set a point of reference for future AR and immersive-story inventiveness. The Creators Project was captivated by the coordinated effort between Intel Labs and USC’s World Building program, and in this way made a narrative that points of the venture, interest the organization, and its uncommon results (above).

We talked with Scott Westerfeld, essayist of the first Leviathan video story, Tawny Schlieski of Intel Labs, and Alex McDowell, the chief of the World Building program, about how extends like this are real walks towards a future in which we don’t simply appear or tell stories, we make a plunge directly into them.

What intrigues me about this anticipate is that it’s a type of great rpg/fan fiction. They’re taking the crude materials of the universe of Leviathan and building it into a computerized situation that is both intuitive and valuable for telling broadened stories, frequently with various characters, modified courses of events, and insane new beasties. For me, it fires the same mind cells as when you folks compose fan fic, that feeling that my and Keith’s reality continues reverberating out there some place in other individuals’ brains, where those characters (and new ones) get the chance to have more undertakings.

So on account of the understudies at USC and their backers, and to all you all who compose fan fic and by and large let your mind roam.


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