Leviathan Videos on ford GT

This time, we made the Supercar Videos on the ford GT, at the North American Auto Show in Detroit; Ford presented the new Ford GT. The car is manufactured using a super-light carbon fiber and aluminum construction; it has the power of a 600-plus horsepower, EcoBoost V-6 engine, and an excellent cockpit. It is the latest and the best, the latest supercar. This is a two-door design car with modern materials.

Visit the Leviathan Videos to have a look on the exterior of the car. The Ford GT is somewhat familiar with its older models. It is a mid-engine car which is designed in a long wedge shape.

The rear of the car looks modern than past models as with crisp cuts near the taillights, it is designed for extra downforce. The greenhouse is less open and also a wide one than previous cars, so it promotes more aerodynamic design. The new model looks much more sleek and fast.

Interior as  in Leviathan YouTube
After the exterior, it’s time for the interior, so get to the Leviathan Videos and have a look with me. The GT’s cockpit is designed very wisely; it is great for control and usability. The seats are integrated into the car’s monocoque shell to provide the driver a better feel while driving. The sets have fixed position, and the steering wheel and pedals are adjustable, so the drivers can adjust themselves according to their sizes and shapes.

The car includes a large LCD display for showing information. Also, there are modes which can be chosen to have several types of displays as the driver preference.

Let’s have a look at the prices-
The starting price for the Ford GT will be of around $400,000, according to Dave Pericak.  Besides, Pericak revealed that the GT will be manufactured in a limited quantity, with Ford there will be to about 250 builds per year.


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