Introducing the Suzuki Alto 800 in Leviathan Videos

The car has been declared and started its selling as Suzuki has certainly won infinite hearts in all these years. It’s a normal people car which is easily available in the market and is available at a low price yet has a good specification which Leviathan Videos have described. In the first week of the launch, Suzuki has already received 21,000 booking for the car. The car’s price is between 2.44- 3.56 lacks.

For the Suzuki Alto, there are 7 variants, 4 petrol variants, and 3 CNG models. The CNG models are great for the versatility, it is an eco-friendly car and for the petrol options there are the Base model, LX, LXI but as a drawback, the CNG models don’t include the airbag. So, let’s have a look on Leviathan Videos for Supercar reaction.

Engine & Performance in Supercar Videos
It is a 3- cylinder, 796 ccs, 12 valve engine car; the engine has a 5-speed manual gear system. A 32-bit microprocessor is there to produces a lot of torque. The car gives the best mileage which is estimated to be 22.7 km pl. The CNG models can provide 30.4 km pl mileage.

The Suzuki 800 looks sportier than previous models; there is a huge renovation on the front having an innovative two part radiator front grille. The MSI badge is in the middle of the grille and the grille comes with a strip of chrome in a hexagonal shape.  There are fenders around the grille which are quite well-known.

The interior spaces have been broadly increased and with a more comfortable seating. It is enough for approx five people. Along with the leg room, there is enough space for luggage as well. The cockpit has designed modernly, the car also has the music system and the AC vents.


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