The Ferrari F430 is well described in Leviathan Videos

The F430 has already arrived; all the users can check the leviathan YouTube channel for the car and other Supercar Videos as well. The car is designed very innovatively with the perfect technologies. The car is ultra-compact with a 4,308 cc engine that is same as the car’s name.


The car is designed by Pininfarina it is inspired by the Formula 1 and the car has aerodynamic detailing. The exterior and the engine have also been designed with Extreme care by the firm.

Take a look at Interior in Leviathan Videos

The interior has been approved and has the controls in front of the driver’s setting to control the car with ease. The counter introduces new graphics having a metal surround and multi-function display.  The wheel’s upper rim is compressed to improve the structure and the horn pushes have an inner rim. The interior has the advanced technology materials in the car’s construction that can be modified with carbon-fiber or aluminum.

The cockpit is bigger and an excellent comfort zone for passenger comfort is increased. A slimmer central tunnel provides the gear lever operating on the manual version and the console on the paddle-shift version.

Also, there is sufficient space behind the rear seats and the compartment is electrically operated in order to provide storage. The seats offer a great lateral control and the electric seats can be replaced by more sporting items.

Exterior in Leviathan Videos

Experience the car’s overall design in Leviathan Videos. The lights have the unique shape as side lights, the lights give the car significance even at night. The wheels are 19″ wheels with twin-spoke layout that gives the Ferrari a complete new look. The Ferrari has included the aerodynamic detailing in the overall designing of the car and the engine.


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